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Nätverket mot hedersrelaterat våld

About cultures and the term “culture” (Latin, cultura – i.e. cultivation) has been written many books that fill many libraries. What we are interested in in the first place here is how culture is used as a form of exercising power, what freedoms, rights and identities a culture can offer the individual and what the consequences are in case of a breaking the cultural norms. Seeing and understanding cultural differences is a prerequisite for understanding the world around us, maintain many scientists.

How these cultural differences are interpreted or utilized in a political context, in order to create understanding, consensus or hostility between certain groups is another issue that not anthropologists or ethnologists should be held responsible for. In anthropology, culture is generally regarded as a coherent system of norms, values, traditions and typical behaviours that manifest in social action and transmitted from generation to generation. It is in that sense and not its aesthetic and artistic context the term culture is used here.