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Nätverket mot hedersrelaterat våld

The Network Against Honour Related Violenceis a national umbrella organization in an international network that works for cooperation between voluntary organizations (NGOs) and public institutions. One of our main tasks is to create networks and build bridges between all those who come into contact with honour-related violence and oppression. Many of us also work specifically to help those who are threatened by honour related violence or arrange educational courses for authorities.

The second important goal for us is to influence gender equality and integration policies both in Sweden and in Europe in a direction that in the long term oppression, threat and violence in the name of the honorary eliminate will be eliminated. We tirelessly remind our rulers that norms and values ​​are in not at all genetically inherited. Honour related norms and values and thus violence in the name of the honour could and should be abolished in a democracy. That’s why we need your support to intensify our work on “equal rights for immigrant girls,” as Fadime said, already in 2001.