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Nätverket mot hedersrelaterat våld


Gender apartheid
Honour killings
Virginity tests
Child marriages
Female genital mutilations



I’m worried about the development ….

Minister of Gender Equality Åsa Regnér is worried about the ongoing spread of gender apartheid cultures. At the same time secular immigrant women have got enough of the harassments by some men´s “moral control” in public places so that several progressive and feminists emigrant women are now moving out from the manly dominated suburbs. It should be remembered that many progressive immigrants and some previous ministers have already been worried about this development during the past twenty years! Apart from different governments’ emergency measures (to save girls exposed to death threat or forced marriage) and short-term or contradictory “project-policies” – we have recommended the authorities an adequate long-term policy aimed at abolishing the culturally-based norms of honour and chastity that strictly limits the life of young people and women. These norms and values are socially learned which means that people are not genetically born with them so they can be changed.

These norms could be changed if these the changes would be promoted and demanded by the authorities. Instead of “worry”, we recommended actions so that the gender equality policy should includ our gender segregated suburbs. Actions that would result in considerably less violence, no oppression against young emigrant girls (and boys) and no more inter-ethnical tensions. Despite the fact that twenty years has past and a long series of tragedies occurred and negative developments followed – including the progress of anti-emigrant forces in Europe – these measures are not on the agenda of the authorities. Not even today.

Please read the interview with the minister of gender equality, made for VHEK’s online newspaper Förortsfeministen . Link To The Interview